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AI Consulting


My AI marketing consulting offer focuses on driving successful AI implementation within your business and training your team. We’ll start by establishing a strong foundation for all your AI interactions.

Foundation Setting

We’ll develop “AI Brief” documents detailing your business story, founder journey, target audience (avatars), empathy maps, core offers, and potential objections. These briefs provide crucial context for any AI tool you use – like Gemini, Claude, or ChatGPT – ensuring that output stays on-brand and effective.

Asset and Funnel Creation

Next, we’ll use our knowledge of advanced AI prompts to generate powerful marketing assets: landing pages, lead magnet funnels designed for high-ticket sales, email sequences, and compelling offers. AI will streamline this process significantly.

Paid Traffic Strategy

I’ll guide you on tailoring your paid traffic strategy (like Facebook Ads) based on your specific goals. For audience building, a break-even funnel with strong backend follow-up can provide significant long-term value. For more immediate ROI, we’ll discuss strategies based on your business type (e-commerce, service-based, etc.)

Content Marketing Machine

I have developed a robust 5-step system for effective content marketing: idea capture, outlining, AI-assisted drafting, editing, and publishing. Your founder’s unique voice and knowledge are essential as this machine helps amplify and distribute your messaging.

The 5-Step System

1. Build a Movement: Uniting Around a Shared Vision.

Develop a powerful vision that goes beyond product features and benefits. Tap into aspirations that resonate deeply with your ideal audience. Craft a purpose and a unique brand voice that people will proudly align with.

2. Attract: Create exceptional content to stand out and pull leads into your sphere.

3. Convert: Guide prospects onto platforms you control (email, SMS, membership) where you can deepen the relationship.

4. Sell: Convert that engaged audience into customers.

5. Loyalty/Customer Retention: Develop strategies for brand advocates and repeat business.

My system is AI-agnostic: Adaptable to work seamlessly with your preferred AI tools.

The strategic element of AI usage is vital: Avoid generating endless variations. Focus on refining output using thoughtful prompts.

If you’re looking to harness the power of AI for sales and marketing growth, contact me for a consultation.

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