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4 Key Areas to Focus on In Your Funnels to Generate More Sales

Funnel Mushroom Marketing

Clayton Makepeace the renowned copywriter said:

“The only reason any rational human being ever purchases anything is to derive a benefit from it! That means …any scrap of sales copy that fails to clearly, dramatically, emphatically, credibly and repeatedly present the benefits a product will deliver is destined to fail miserably.”

Here are 4 keys areas to focus your attention on when building out your sales pages & funnels;

The Big Idea

  • What emotionally and intellectually compelling, interesting idea do you have? How are you different, what is your unique mechanism? E.g. your 5 step process. How will you get your readers attention, why should they buy from you?
  • I am a big believer in leveraging the power of one, one story, one promise, one emotion, one action…

The Lead

  • This is content that comes right after the headline, now the headline is there to capture attention, set expectation, the lead is all about the ‘promise’ what benefit is there for the reader, what problem will be solved, desire fulfilled? It needs to forge an instant connection with the reader else the rest of content well, won’t get read
  • About 80% of the emotional impact can be delivered in first 20% of the copy

The Argument

  • Imagine you are a lawyer standing in court speaking to convince a jury of your case same applies here , what are your arguments and what is your proof?

The Offer

  • The irresistible offer, what can you put together that makes the offer a no brainer? Yes containing features, deliverables, benefits, price, terms , risk reversal That has tons of value, no risk and you would be nuts to pass it up.

I’m really excited about what is in front of us, amazing opportunities abound for those who take action.

If you would like some help building out your funnels, your offers and the supporting tech let me know.

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