Could your E-com store use an extra $15k or more in extra sales revenue in the next 30 days
without using discounts, flash sales or expensive ads?

“I think I gotta problem.

I got over 50,000 subscribers now. But hardly any of ‘em are buying…
and those that do don’t buy very often. I think I’m losing all these sales.

I have no clue what I’m doing.
And if I try to send an email, I think I’m going to spam.

No matter what I try, I keep feeling like I get punched in the gut”.

Those were the first words Frank said to me when we got on the phone…
He barely even paused for breath.

See Frank had been trying to grow his ecom brand for months. But, like so many other Shopify Store Owners, he was stuck with
Not much in terms of repeat sales
People looking around his site – but leaving without buying anything
Credit / Debit Card declines

And it wasn’t like he hadn’t tried everything to encourage people to buy his stuff and grow his business either.

He had tried Flash Sales, Discounts and was spending a fortune on ads but with no luck.

What’s even worse is that Frank’s situation is so common.

I speak to Shopify Owners every day who tell me they have the same problems and the same frustrations. Oh, they might use different words… but the bottom line is the always same.

  • Missed sales
  • People leaving without paying after they have chosen their products.
  • Credit cards getting declines
  • Not much repeat business
  • Low value sales

And so on and so on.

I remember the day Frank called me up and in his thick New York accent, and said,
“I think I gotta problem. (Thankfully, this problem ended up changing his business ..)
You ever sort out or manage an email list before?”

“Uhhhh, yeah,” I said

“Cool, you got the job,” said Frank.

And that’s how I got to manage my very first Ecom email list and messaging system.

Now I was in charge of Franks 49,770 subscribers.
So, I jumped in with both feet.

And what I found shocked me…

And as you can probably guess…
Frank had made a LOT of mistakes…
NOT deliberately
But because he really didn’t know any better
and he was busy running his store.

We found that Frank was missing out on tens of thousands of dollars

We found that he had missed sales from 4,000 customers because of expired credit cards…
but had never asked the customer for new, updated details…

We found that Frank 32,000 on his list that had never bought anything from his store…
but he had never tired to convert them into customers…

And the list of issues went on.

Simple mistakes, like:

  • Treating everyone on the list the exact same way
    (he didn’t know the RIGHT way to segment)
  • ​Never kicking anyone off the list
    (yep, his messages went to spam a lot)
  • ​Having no clue what the Gmail Promo Tab was
    (this alone cost him big bucks each month)
  • ​Spending hours writing emails without having any idea how they would perform
  • ​Not knowing how to come up with good content
  • ​Writing whacky subject lines that made sense to him but not to anyone else
  • ​Not knowing how to entice people to buy stuff and how often to send emails
  • ​And a lot of other COSTLY mistakes that could’ve been easily avoided.

Long story short:

We took care of Frank.
We’re pretty damn good at what we do

  • Stopping sales leaking out of holes in Ecom stores
  • Scaling buyer and non-buyer email lists & turning them into cold hard cash.

How good?

Let’s just say…

If you work with us, I expect you to enjoy
a 2x return on your investment
within 30 days of going live

(or we’ll work for free until you do…)

Frank didn’t have an Ecom Problem – he had an email problem.

His welcome email had a 11% open rate…
and all the rest were hovering around 8%.
He was basically making $0 on the back end.
(You DO know about the back end, right?)

He didn’t even have a Cart Abandon Sequence…

The last one we installed for an ecom brand?

The client had a baseline set in stone and

We almost DOBLED their Open Rate
We 3x their Click Thru Rate
We generated 2x the cash.
(Money that otherwise would have neem lost forever…)

Oh, and we did all that in HALF the time (just 15 days).

Think the client is happy?

We showed Frank how we could guarantee
which folder his emails would end up in
BEFORE he ever clicked send...

and how to make sure they landed in the primary inbox.

We set up his autoresponders to All but GUARANTEE a performance boost (And yes, it’s actually a guarantee if you follow our method)

We installed 9 automated sequences that blew up open rates & made sales
We showed him 1 simple email to send to revive hundreds or thousands of ‘dead’ subscribers
And a WHOLE lot more… Keep reading to learn how:

But here’s the thing –

No Ecom Brand Has to Stay
Stuck with these Problems

It’s perfectly possible for any Shopify store owner to fix these problems thyemselves/// if they use our Leaky Bucket Method.

At least, it is if you apply what I’m about to share with you …

One Day My Life Changed Forever…

My name is Carl and back in the day I used to be not so different to anyone else…
And looking back now, what’s funny, is that Franks story was very much my own.

Until I figured some stuff out…

Until I figured out how to create ads and product descriptions.

Until I learned how to write emails that were virtually guaranteed to generate cash .

Until I learned how and when to send them out…

Until I Realized How To Turn Clicks Into Customers

Was The Day My Life Changed Forever…


Now I’m the owner of a successful digital agency – but it wasn’t always like this.
Back in the day I was in a pretty painful situation.
And I tried so hard to become a success
But none of it worked.

In fact, it got so bad, I started thinking of getting a regular job…
It was then I knew I needed to find a different way to do things.

It was then I realised all I had to do was figure out how to turn clicks into customers.

And so I poured myself into studying the online and ecommerce world.

It struck me that none of the conventional ways of growing an online brand are set up to provide success.
For the vast majority of ecom world there are very specific reasons why they never quite seem to get to where they want to be.

So if the traditional wisdom didn’t work, I had to find something that DID

I knew I had to find a different fix for the lost sales and repeat business problems faced by all ecom brands.

If LESS Than 30% Of Your Sales Are NOT Coming
From YOUR Email Program…
you’ve got a problem

That led me to The Leaky Bucket Method

The Leaky Bucket Method is different to other ecom approaches out there.

Because instead of focusing on a acquiring continual supply of NEW customers…
it starts by

We do all that in the first 30 days – so you can see a real positive impact on your revenues after about 10 days!

If you’d like to dramatically increase sales and make so much more bank from your Ecom store,
then we need to talk.

Here’s why:

I get a LOT of people reaching out to me asking if I could teach them what I know about plugging holes in Leaky Buckets to stop sales just pouring out. But I can’t speak to everybody… there just aren’t the hours in th day.

So, I had an idea…

I put together an eBook to explain some of what we do…

The book is FREE by the way – you just have to ask for it!

(To grab your FREE copy click <<<<< HERE )

In the book I tell you all about the 9 email sequences we use to fix the holes in your ecom business and stop the sales from leaking out.

I walk you through my exact method for creating incredible, powerful automations that will generate sales with no work on your part. Even while your asleep…

I show you how to STOP chasing sales…
and get buyers spending $$$’s with YOU

I’m sure you get the picture.

All in all…

Everything in my book is essentially

The Secret Playbook Behind How To Generate
Otherwise Lost Sales For Ecom Business Owners

Our service and our methods work well.
So well, in fact, that we get inundated with client requests…
And we can’t work with just anybody… at least not on a done-for-you basis.
But I am on a mission to share my strategy and my tested-in-the-field secrets for growing any Ecom businesses the RIGHT way!

You Can Start Making Extra Sales IMMEDIATELY

The beauty of  The Leaky Bucket Method is that it works so fast.


You excited yet?

You should be…

I want to help YOU become an
even more successful Ecom brand…


I said earlier I can’t work with everybody.
And that’s true,
Not every Ecom brand is ready for what my team and I are doing.

The Leaky Bucket Method is for you

  • you’re already establish but want to maximize sales for your brand.
  • you have a great reputation already and you want to enhance it

Still reading?

This is a strictly limited offer.

By the way, I’m not giving away my book for long,
because I’d rather have fewer using this, looking for my support.
It will be most effective that way.

Once you read what I share in my little book there’s no reason why you couldn’t try implementing The Leaky Bucket Method for yourself.

After all, people have done it in the past.

But here’s the problem with that …

While The Leaky Bucket Method is super simple, most Shopify Owners find they are not expert at

  • writing emails
  • crafting messages that convert into cash
  • the tech side of creating the automations or even
  • managing their own lists to optimize deliverability,
  • open rates or engagement

So, they end up stuck with all the same issues they had to start with.
Things don’t really change too much when you try and do it yourself.

But we’re the EXPERTS at all that.

And it’s for that reason that I created …

The Leaky Bucket Method

It’s the exact same method I’ve used with Frank and so many others to help them stop struggling and boost their revenues big time.

And unlike other programs there’s no extra work for you/

All you have to do is bank the extra cash.

So, the question to ask yourself is

How Much Is It Worth to Me to GROW MY ECOM BUSINESS
SUBSTANTALLY without using discounts,
flash sales or expensive ads

If you’re anything like most Brand Owners I work with, the answer to that could well be ‘priceless.’

Let me break down exactly what you get if we decide to work together and show you how surprisingly cost-effective it is …

When You Sign Up to The Leaky Bucket Program Today,
You’re Getting a Total Solution for GROWTH
at a Fraction of The Price Others Pay ...

Were I to offer each part of  TheLeaky Bucket Method separately, here’s what it would be –


That’s a total cost of $8,000

But when you sign up for Leaky Bucket Method today, you won’t pay anywhere near that.

Because the Leaky Bucket Method isn’t $7,000
It’s not $6000
It’s not even $5,000

I’m offering access to everything on this page today
for just $4,000

And that includes everything.

No ongoing subscriptions …

No sneaky hidden extras.

You get


For only $4,000

Spread over the next 30 days, that’s less than $134 per day.

Just $134, in exchange for $thousands in extra sales.

I don’t know about you, but that seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Now I’ve given you all the information,

it’s time to make a decision …

Many people reading this page will decide it’s harder to make a change
than it is to stay stuck with the cash leaking out of their businesses

They’ll continue lose sales to their competition…

Keep experiencing stagnant (or even worse declining) revenues …

They’ll decide that $134 per day is too much to invest
And this is totally fine.

I never want to push anyone into anything.

But these are the people who’ll

Then there are the Shopify Owners who say -

“Enough is enough.

I’m done with loosing sales

I do deserve to be successful

And $134 per day for 30 days is a small ‘price’ to pay to achieve that.”

They take charge of their goals, their ecom brands and their life.
And they decide they do want to maximize their brand

If that’s you, click below

Can’t wait to partner with you!

Carl Bischoff

P.S. Got Questions?
Great, I’m always happy to answer any queries.
Click the link and set up a call!

<<<<< Book YOUR Call

P.P.S. Don’t forget to grab your book click here to get your copy – it may answer that question that’s bugging you!

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