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There are at LEAST 9 holes in your ecommerce brand bucket…

Are you following up to maximise your return? There are 9 fully automated email sequences that you need to add revenue to your business this month:

A: Before the sale emails: 1. Cart abandon (3 emails) 2. Browse abandon (3 emails) 3. Welcome sequence (5-10 emails) 

B: During Fulfilment emails 4. Order confirmation (1) email 5. Before it ships (1 email) 6. Post Purchase Review (1 email) 

C: After Delivery Automations 7. VIP sequence (3-6 emails) 8. Cross Sell and Upsell 9. Win back the customer ( 3 emails) 9 sequences, 30-40 email automations

We use love Klaviyo and Shopify especially 🙂

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