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Grow Your Revenue With Follow-Up

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Grow Your Revenue With Follow-Up

Email / SMS Marketing & Optimization.
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Increase Your Revenue & Customer Lifetime Value👑

Email & SMS marketing is here to stay! Are you getting 20-30% of your e-commerce store revenue from email? If not it’s time to fix your followup. We know that most web visitors will never return unless do you something to get them to return. Failure to really work your email Marketing and SMS will mean you are leaving money on the table here’s 4 reasons to consider to work your email:

1. number one email lets you build ongoing relationships
2. email is incredibly effective at driving sales
3. email can affect the three main growth multipliers
increase the total number of customers
increase the total number of purchases per customer (purchase frequency)
or increase the average order value (AOV)
4. email isn’t influenced by third-party gatekeepers. As in you ‘own’ your list unlike working on certain social media platforms etc

We track the data, A/B test campaigns & flows, and optimize. Manage your list and segment the list correctly, create pop-ups that will convert, build welcome flows (non buyers), abandoned cart + post-purchase email flows (and a lot more key flows) to generate more revenue from the customers.


  1. Audit
  2. Strategy
  3. Setup & Execute
  4. Analyse and Optimize
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We Do Our Best Work With Brands That:

  • Have an email list 20k+
  • Do at least 7 figures in annual revenue
  • Open to new ideas
  • Sell great products

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