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Social Media Advertising

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Social Media Advertising

Facebook / IG / TikTok /Pinterest
Targeted advertising campaigns allow you to get more potential clients into your funnel and increase revenue drastically.
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The most important number is ROI 📈

It all begins with research and lots of it. First the offer/s must be dialled in, then who are the target avatar/s? Where do they hang out and how do we get in front of them? We dive deep into competitor research and look for how we can be different. Then there is analysing your data and making sure we have a solid reporting setup to measure results going forward.
The game is won and lost BEFORE we get into the ads managers. YES it’s about MARKETING :)
We have three phases
1. Testing 2. Prospecting 3. Scaling
The creative and copy are critical and we will be doing a lot of testing, starting with hooks/angles.

We will test extensively to find winners, and rotate creatives and videos to achieve best results. We love our work and every dollar will be spent like it is our own!

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Case Studies

Facebook Ecommerce Campaign Women's Fashion

Heavily targeted cold audiences using carousels and images. Sent cold traffic to custom landers that show range of products. Used sale/discounted items to attract new audiences. Offered variety of choices.

Google Search and Shopping campaigns for Ecommerce Women Shoes Niche.

£162,390.62 in sales and 18.19 ROAS in 1 month. This client was used to getting 6-7 ROAS from their in-house digital marketing team. After I took them onboard and fix their campaign/s structure, we were able to scale their sales volume and increase the ROAS to 18.19X. This is what we called, “Exponential Growth”.

Google Search, Shopping & Display Campaigns | Female fashion niche

This client was struggling to pull up their sales volume and ROAS due to their low margin. They tried 4 different agencies, but no success. Until I manage the campaign and consistently perform like crazy for 2 straight months.

44.98% traffic increase, 22.03% increase in CTR, 8.25% decrease in cost per click, 15.28% decrease in Cost per acquisition. $77,422.44 conversion value (64.86% increase). Best of all, 9.19X ROAS at 23.94% increase. This is a perfect example of paying less while getting more and making more PROFIT!

Locksmith Business Dominating His Market

Legal Niche 6-10 additional call leads daily

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