The Leaky Bucket Method

The Leaky Bucket Method

How To Grow Your E-Commerce Brand Using Email Automation to Stop The Money Leaking Out Of Your Business…

Without running constant flash sales…endless discounts … or losing half your list to a wave of unsubscribes.

If you’ve got a thriving ecom brand this the most important message you’ll read today!

Let me tell you why…

My name is Carl Bischoff and I’m the owner of Clicksology, a digital ad and email marketing agency that helps e-commerce brands just like yours grow and scale their businesses.

My partner and I want to show you a brand-new, tried and tested method to stop money leaking out of your business.

We plug the holes once and for all and then recover as much as we can of what has been lost.

We do all that by creating and installing 9 bespoke email automation sequences for every one of our ecom clients. These automations increase cash flow, boost income, and grow the business… and all without the expense of paid ads.

It’s called the Leaky Bucket Method and the best part is it requires no work on your part.

We create the sequences and can even instal them on your platform if you’d like.

95% of what we need you to do is just sit back and count the cash as it floods in.

The other 5%?
That’s the easy bit.

That’s where you say a heartfelt ‘thanks’ and ask what else we can do to put your brand on steroids.

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Shopify & Klaviyo Ecommerce Store
Shopify & Klaviyo Ecommerce Store
Here’s just a taste of what happens to your business when you use the Leaky bucket Method
  • You start to make sales from the 60-70% of people who abandon your cart.
  • You learn exactly how to ramp up the cart abandonment sequence you’ve got now – if any
  • You’ll turn interested browsers into active buyers
  • You’ll turn those new email subscribers into a tribe of eager buyers within 7-10 days of joining your list.
  • You’ll start to make extra sales from a simple order confirmation email
  • You’ll create so much brand loyalty your customer’s come back again and again and again
And a whole lot more…

The Leaky bucket Method is the system we implement for clients at Clicksology to help them grow and scale their e-commerce brands.

And we want to show you how you can use it too.
So we prepared our Leaky Bucket Method download.

We want to send it to you.
No catches
No obligation.

When you get it you can see exactly how to do for your band what we do for our clients.
Or you might ask us to just get it done for you.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the difference that will make to
your business
and ultimately… your family

If you don’t get this FREE Leaky Bucket Method download now… you risk being left behind.
The world of ecom business has changed. For ever.
YOU must adapt and learn to navigate the seismic shifts in the world of ecom today

Here’s what you must do now

The Leaky Bucket Method

Grow and scale your E-commerce Brand

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In the interest of your digital data protection, we require you to consent to receive information from us by email (according to our privacy policy). *